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We are internationally speciality pharma company, with a large presence in US and India, and a footprint across 40 other markets. In the US, which is our largest market,we have built a strong pipeline of generics, directly and through our subsidiary Caraco and sun pharmaceutical Inc.Taro adds strong dermatology range to this portfolio.

In India and rest of the world markets, our brands are prescribed in chronic therapy areas like cardiology, psychiatry, neurology, gastroenterology, diabetology etc.

We are market leaders in speciality therapy areas in India.

Our vision & mission

While we have been becoming more international and formulations-driven over the past decade, the acquision of Taro in 2010 places us firmly on the new growth orbital, with over half our sales now.

Our Services

Sri Suki Pharma is an international specifically pharma company. We have significant presence in the US through our subsidiary Caraco. In the rest of the world markets, we have strong ground network.

Our Brands

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